Forthcoming from this Sunday – “The 42 walks of Contención Island” on framework radio

“So, here’s the idea … In the face of the containment measures we have all found ourselves in we have been allowed out of our homes for one period of exercise a day. A containment strategy is vital for the containment of the Covid-19 Pandemic, but I wanted to respond to it artistically. I also wanted to produce something that could be used by others when they weren’t, or couldn’t get, outside. From the start of the UKs lockdown, every day I walked from my house, for 20 minutes in any and all directions; I mapped my route and recorded my walking. At first when I‘d walked for about 20 minutes I stopped, for a brief rest, then return to my house. But after a while I had made Contención Island (contención is containment in Esperanto – an international name for an international pandemic). I walked until easing started. The full versions of the walks are all available at along with the daily poem, a mesostic, and the emerging map of the island. So … listen to the walks – imagine the island in your head, create your own walk, make your own map, enjoy. Stay safe and well in these strange times.”

You can listen to the work via ResonanceFM at 23:00, Sunday 4th October 2020 and, from Tuesday 6th October via the framework radio website, via Mixcloud, and via (Apple (and presumably others)) podcasts – links below …

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and, from (maybe) Monday 5th but definitely Tuesday 6th October,
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Tyneside Sounds Society: Dawn Chorus Broadcastathon – Sat 11 July 22:00 – Sun 12th July 11.00

International Dawn Chorus Day this year was on Sunday 3 May. This was during lockdown and during the time that I was making my lockdown walks, which have become The 42 walks of Contención Island [ ] – more of which later. The walk I made on IDCD will be featuring in a Tyneside Sounds Society: Dawn Chorus Broadcastathon

I’ll let Michael from The Tyneside Sounds Society, take up the story …

“The Tyneside Sounds Society invited people living in Tyneside and the north east of England to record the dawn chorus between 3am and 6am as part of a very special regional RecordAthon. Over 30 people took part, recording on phones, fancy bits of kit and also simple digital recording devices and microphones. People submitted over 13 hours of recordings; some long, some short – all fantastic! So what better way to present them then have an uninterrupted dusk till dawn BroadcastAthon on the amazing Star & Shadow Radio. Broadcast starts this Saturday 10pm and will finish around 11am the next day. I don’t expect you to stay up all night but it’ll be a nice chilled thing to go to bed and wake up to. You’ll also be able to listen to most of it via the Star & Shadow Radio showreel.”

You’ll be able to listen to it HERE >>> <<<,4927/


Monday 4th May

06:42 – 07:28, wind NE 2 gusting 3, temp 8C (feels like 8)

A report on plans for coming out of lockdown is leaked to the BBC as Downing Street plays catch up over the membership and deliberations of SAGE.

    to the eastern peninsuLa
                  cross thE main sound
               along the gArdens
               a small monKey puzzle tree grows in a front garden
   a holly tree dome on a Stick
           pass through a Pulse of vehicles
    step into the green quIet
                   ivy truNks sawn at the tree’s base
            pass a quarry Dimmed with shrubs
         the two runners dIstance-pass
                two ducks Stand on the edge of the weir
move along above the burn’S flow
      a gatehouse roof tilEs missing
             a blackcap muMble-sings behind a wall
                along the Beat of the channel of sound
       the next train at pLatform two is for regent centre
           in the back-allEy plants grow in bins and buckets

Sunday 3rd May

04:19 – 05:04, wind NE 1 gusting 2, temp 7C (feels like 7)

An NHS doctor writes of government ‘lauding heroes’ whist watching them die without PPE.

                   around the soutH haven
                 a basement hum frOm a block of flats
                     light in the Windows of an early riser 
        over the dene the blackbirD sing
         amongst three blackbirds A wren trills
tilled rows lie still in the gatheRing dawn
              the crow’s call echoEs around the streets
                the exuberant blasT of a wren
                           song ecHoes along the terraces
    amongst the blackbirds a singlE song thrush sings
    the streetlight goes off as daY approaches