Walking to the sounds: days 8 to 14

Day 8 Tuesday January 12th

east inner duration 2 minutes
High Street Moorfield Jesmond Dene Road Beatty Avenue Cromer Gardens
Stand by bushes     of house sparrows     I stand still 
      five slowly edge up the bush          to sit in the sunshine

Day 9 Wednesday January 13th

southwest outer duration 7 minutes
The Drive Moor Place Woodlands Oaklands Avenue Oaklands Grandstand Road High Street Moor Crescent The Drive
A flock of 20 Golden Plovers fly      looping     circling              I lose them as they fly over my head

Day 10 Thursday January 14th

north inner duration 2 minutes
High Street
In the car park two cars sit with their engines running                     I carry on into the park
Stand under my umbrella          a light sleet falling
Blackbirds chase around on the far side of the grass

Day 11 Friday January 15th

east inner duration 11 minutes
The Poplars Roseworth Avenue The Grove Stoneyhurst Road West 
Stoneyhurst Road The Quarry Park
Above the traffic noise of Matthew Bank       two women watch 
their children play
A man limps slowly by    perhaps anticipating icy steps to come
Blackbirds toss the leaf litter beneath the ash trees
Small birds move through the trees and bushes on the 
  other side of the park

Day 12 Saturday January 16th

southeast inner duration 7 minutes
The Drive east Moor Crescent the Little Moor Jesmond Dene Road 
A westie is scared of my hat     and has to be dragged past by her 
At the end of the lane      a couple unload pallets 
     from the boot of their car       into the allotments
Treetop starlings call

Day 13 Sunday January 17th

west inner duration 7 minutes
The Poplars
Stand in a corner in front of a purple-doored garage
Two cars appear       to park along the alley
Herring gulls cry

Day 14 Monday January 18th

north inner duration 16 minutes 
The Poplars High Street St Nicholas Avenue 
People come to the machine to pay for parking
Roofers unload ladders and climb onto the roof   one appears above 
  the roofline    standing on the flat roof of a loft extension
Two runners go/come from the terraced houses behind me
A flock of racing pigeons flies overhead