A walk round: days 1 to 7

day 1

Thursday November 5th, 09:48 - 09:52 
64.3o to 77.1o 
Wind W 3(gusting 4), T 10C (feels like 8C), 62% cloud cover

Crossing the street
a great tit’s bounce-flight.
Holly bush’s red berries.

day 2

Friday November 6th, 06:56 - 07:01 
180.0o to 192.9o
Wind N 1(gusting 1), T 5C (feels like 5C), 100% cloud cover

Dew drenched grass
under thick dawn fog.
Follow along the fence line.

Main road cars pulse by.
Meadow Pipit’s flick-bounce flight
off into the mist.

day 3

Saturday November 7th, 09:02 - 09:19, 205.7o to 218.6o 
Wind S 2 (gusting 3), T 6C (feels like 6C), 50% cloud cover

In the dripping grass
dew draws spiders’ webs
into plain sight.

Copse earth speckled bronze
with fallen oak leaves
two pigeons clatter-flap away.

day 4

Sunday November 8th, 09:01 - 09:06, 334.3o to 347.1o
Wind SE 1 (gusting 3), T 9C (feels like 9C), 100% cloud cover

Three jackdaws and two crows
chack caw to the day
from the tree tops

Car and near empty bus
noise by
beyond the wall a robin sings

day 5

Monday November 9th, 07:24 - 07:27, 218.6o to 231.4 o 
Wind S 1 (gusting 2), T 10C (feels like 10C), 75% cloud cover, light rain

As I round a corner
two blackbirds fly from
their leaf litter hunting.

Cycle light’s diamond dazzle
slices the dawn rain
gulls cry unseen

day 6

Tuesday November 10th, 09:57 - 10:03, 128.6o to 141.4o 
Wind S 2 (gusting 3), T 12C (feels like 13C), 75% cloud cover

Tar-spotted sycamore leaves
strewn across the grass
autumn robin’s song

Along brick walls
and double yellow lines
alleyway lines of sight

day 7

Wednesday November 11th, 12:56 - 13:00, 12.9o to 25.7o [2]
Wind S 4 (gusting 6), T 11C (feels like 11C), 75% cloud cover

Palm tree fronds
shake in the autumn wind
a face mask in the leaf litter