about & contact

I am a walking sound artist and poet who lives in Newcastle upon Tyne in the north-east of England.

My practice reflects my experience of being in and walking through natural environments. I use sound recording and text to present time, place, distance and movement in the landscape and to provide an opportunity for a listener to consider what it means to move through the landscape at a human pace and scale. Written or spoken and transcribed notes made whilst walking provide the material for poems, often in the form of haiku, and other text works. I have exhibited nationally and internationally and have created radio works for Framework Radio, Resonance EXTRA and Radiophrenia. I produce a monthly radio programme, walkplacedistancetimetimeon Resonance EXTRA.

More information is available in my CV here you can browse many of my recordings through my Soundcloud page.

You can email me at – martinpeccles1(at)gmail.com