Walking to the sounds: days 1 to 7

Day 1 Tuesday January 5th

northeast [southwest] inner duration 5 minutes
The Drive Moorfield Lodore Road
In the Little Dene             down by the stream which is very 
  full after the recent storm
The grid at the entrance to the culvert is clogged        the water 
  is falling about a foot through the trapped accumulated 
   vegetation     and detritus
A tree has been taken down and cut into trunk size roundels

Day 2 Wednesday January 6th

northwest [east] outer duration 2 minutes
The Drive Westfield Drive Parker Avenue Elgy Road Elmfield Grove 
Wolsingham Road
Up to Elgy Green and on into Ashburton Cemetery
Read names carved into headstones             walk to shelter under 
  a yew tree
A grey wagtail bounces off across the graves         
     blackbirds appear on top of walls and scold each other

Day 3 Thursday January 7th

southeast [north] inner [outer] duration 13 minutes
The Drive Moor Crescent Moorfield
Into the allotments  
Stand in the doorway of a shed
A flock of goldfinches flies into the top of a roadside tree    
   then drift drop down       onto one of the plots

Day 4 Friday January 8th

southwest [east] inner duration 9 minutes 
The Drive Moor Crescent Duke’s Moor Westfield Oaklands 
Woodlands The Drive
Snow falling
The moor frozen       churned to sculpted mud at the gate  
     humans as cattle
Walking through snow      step across wet channels that head 
  down to the burn 
Stand inside an ivy tree  surrounded by dripping      to the flats 
   then around by the streets       back along the grassy alley

Day 5 Saturday January 9th

northeast inner duration 3 minutes
The Drive Moor Crescent Moor Road South Rectory Road
Stand at the small gate
The stillness of winter allotments   cold   wet  shades of brown
Passer-by chatter

Day 6 Sunday January 10th

northeast inner duration 5 minutes 
The Drive Moor Crescent Moorfield Lodore Road
Stand in the edge trees 
Back from the edge of open grass       still    I am not obvious
        a dog noses by     sees me   freezes     barks 
    to be chastised by its owner

Day 7 Monday January 11th

north outer duration 12 minutes 
The Poplars Roseworth Avenue The Grove Moor Park North 
Alwinton Terrace
Stand next to a telegraph pole
Across the alley    behind a black garage door    the churn 
  and tump of a tumble drier
Stories written in  back wall brickwork    lintels and sills 
      from coal holes         lost doors
A woman opens her garage door    takes boxes and bags out of 
  the boot of a BMW     she regards me    I greet her
Rooflines        sway-backed between loft extensions