reels and rants

Using the same underlying method I have composed a number of pieces based around the method used by John Cage when he produced 49 Waltzes for the Five Boroughs. Although much of the process is written in terms of the walks on Fair Isle, the other pieces differ in location but not in their underlying method.

After the first walks on Fair Isle I used the method to compose a set of rants (a traditional dance tune) in Northumberland. Having completed this I realised that the scale of Northumberland did not work well for a walking composition as I had to drive about 100 miles to walk each rant. Therefore the third set of walks (again four rants) were based around a relatively remote hamlet on the edge of the Cheviot Hills in north Northumberland. Here the scale I worked within mirrored that of Fair Isle.

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the background

the process

4 reels for Fair Isle

Four Northumbrian Rants…ants-performance/

four rants for the summer solstice…r-john-cage-1977/