Four Northumbrian Rants (performance)

‘Four Northumbrian Rants’ (60 minutes, 4-channel sound work mixed live; accompanying A8 score and poems) at ‘Material Potential’, Culture Lab, Newcastle University, 10th March 2017.

Using the same process as I used for the Fair Isle Reels ( I created four sets of four sites based this time on Northumberland – the score is below.

Score for ‘Four Northumberland Rants”

I visited each set of four – termed a Rant after the traditional Northumberland dance tune – in sequence during one day and recorded my walking to and from the site as well as the recording at the site for a randomly determined time (of up to four minutes). The rants were played in sequence each through a single speaker of a four-channel installation, located in a stairwell.

Contemporaneous notes were used to compose poems – at

Composite image documenting the performance set up