Walking to the sounds: days 22 to 28

Day 22 Tuesday January 26th

northwest inner 13 minutes
The Poplars High Street Causey Street Linden Road
Cars      bikes      and groups of schoolchildren pass
Rooftop woodpigeons chase           nod/bow            and tip 
 in early courtship moves
Stained glass porch windows            soft blues and greys
A fan of dead ivy still clings above the door of a front wall

Day 23 Wednesday January 27th

north inner 13 minutes
The Poplars High Street Hawthorn Road Back High Street 
 West Avenue Ivy Road
At the back of a car park    behind a church   one car
Unseen      a dunnock sings from undergrowth
Woodpigeons display on the rooftops      the male’s deep bow 
 and tail lift
Above the bowl of my vision    two magpies    two herring gulls 
 one black headed gull     two blackbirds    a dozen starlings
People walk along the street    looking ahead most don't see me  
 one man does     he gives me a thumbs up

Day 24 Thursday January 28th

southwest outer 12 minutes
The Drive Moor Crescent High Street Grandstand Road
Joggers stepping off into the road to avoid passing close
Very wet underfoot
A mixed flock of gulls     a low flying flock of geese   
 presumably Canadas
A flock of redwing in roadside trees as I return

Day 25 Friday January 29th

northeast outer 3 minutes
The Poplars Roseworth Avenue The Grove Church Avenue Church Road
In the graveyard     headstones tumbled down
A metro passes   jackdaws call      behind me    somewhere inside 
 a yew tree     a pigeon coos

Day 26 Saturday January 30th

west outer 4 minutes
The Drive Westfield Drive Elmfield Road Richmond Mews
The small estate     no pavements      neat modernity
Cars pulse along the road behind me
A sparrowhawk   mobbed by a Herring Gull    circles    spins away   
 to drop into an old tree

Day 27 Sunday January 31st

west outer 15 minutes
The Drive Westfield Drive Oakfield Road Kenton Road
The lightest of snow falls dusts the ground
Six runners         six walkers
Mock-Tudor wood on the ugly houses          closed curtains

Day 28 Monday February 1st

northeast outer 4 minutes
The Poplars Roseworth Avenue The Grove Stoneyhurst Road West 
 Stoneyhurst Road Back Dilston Terrace
The metro rumbles beyond a brick wall
Distant voices
A car passes and parks      a woman gets out and goes into one 
 of the houses