The 42 Walks of Contención Island [fwk:afield]

From the start of the UK’s lockdown, every day I walked from my house, for 20 minutes in any and all directions; I mapped my route and recorded my walking. My walking had made Contención Island (contención is containment in Esperanto – an international name for an international pandemic) – and the walking became exploration of my island. I walk until easing begins – 42 days. You hear sequential sections of the daily recordings that move – along the route of the daily walks – across the six weeks – along with lines from daily poems. The full versions of the walks are all available at along with the daily poem (a mesostic) and the emerging map of the island.

This stereo, 1hr radio show, aired on ResonanceFM 23:00, October 4th 2020 as Framework Radio #728 (