orford replication

Orford Replication

Orford Ness
to river to sea
to landing to lighthouse

SW to the huts
NW along the road to the dyke
turn west

meadow sits by saltmarsh
tidal creek fringes
Orford’s long shingle finger

along the road to the old landing
back east along the inside of the dyke
turn SE along to the huts

the route is the same
the walk becomes different

turn northeast past the quarters
by the generator
blocked by metal gates swing ESE

seventy-two minutes
three miles three hourly
eight times,24 hours, 26 miles

metal bridge across Stony Ditch
dogleg then SE over shingle and grass
to the lighthouse

the pagodas
rot and crumble
an exotic cold war legacy

NW across shingle and grass
dogleg onto the bridge over Stony Creek
SW on the road back to the quarters

I walk and place is constant
I cross place and time
I walk a human pace.

Sequential nine minute sections from recordings of eight replicated walks across Orford Ness in August 2016. Recorded with a Sound Devices 702T recorder and DPA4060 microphones. Poem and recordings by Martin Eccles.

Eccles M, Orford Replication(1hr radio show). Framework Radio #627. Premiered Resonance FM 4th Feb 2018