Walking to the sounds: days 36 to 42

Day 36 Tuesday February 9th

south inner 12 minutes
The Drive Moor Crescent High Street Dukes Moor
Open grass    alternating sun and wind driven snow squalls           
   the far hill disappears in the blizzard
Walkers throw a ball for their enthusiastic dog

Day 37 Wednesday February 10th

south outer 16 minutes
The Poplars The High Street The Great North Road
Walkers runners cyclists   in the snow
Gulls on the ice    lift and move to the prospect of food
Carefully balancing his cappuccino       a young man squats      
 to heel the lake ice

Day 38 Thursday February 11th

east outer 11 minutes
The Poplars High Street Moorfield Little Moor Jesmond Dene Road 
 Osborne Road Mitchel Avenue
Traffic slowed by snow and traffic lights
Women sit in cars     talking on phones
A long-tailed tit flies across the road   pulling its tail behind it
A runner    running with care

Day 39 Friday February 12th

northwest inner 3 minutes
The Drive Westfield Drive Parker Avenue Brackenfield Road 
 Brackenfield Court
Snow     drives cleared      a stone lion with a mane of snow
Drifting sound    muffled music   and a building site dumper truck

Day 40 Saturday February 13th

southeast inner 11 minutes
The Poplars High Street Little Moor Jesmond Dene Road Great North 
By a hawthorn and bramble hedge     shelter from a cold south wind
Traffic slows and speeds    comes and goes
A lone runner crosses the road     above    magpies follow their 
 own map along treetops
Footprints in the snow    tracks into the bushes    to a hole in 
 the fence

Day 41 Sunday February 14th

southwest inner 16 minutes
The Drive Westfield Drive Fernville Road Park Villas
Road noise drifted in on the wind
Little moves in the cold-gripped cul-de-sac

Day 42 Monday February 15th

southeast inner 13 minutes
The Drive High Street Moorfield
In the warm wind the snow is melting fast
A sense of release from the cold     a first glimpse of spring