Landlinks (Background)

This was a collaborative group walking project organised by Kel Portman of Groundworks (

The aim of the project is described on the Landlinks website ( and reproduced here:

The aim of our Landlinks project is to review encounters with our various environments; to avoid ‘attachment’ to subjects by searching out those that are ‘interesting’ or that fall into William Gilpin’s definitions of ‘Beautiful, Sublime or Picturesque’; to let go of the desire to find the definitive subject and to leave that choice to chance. The walk was made by over 20 international walking artists and was synchronised to take place over several continents. It was governed by a ‘time/distance script’ to choreograph the artist’s activity. Artists were asked to respond to this series of chosen stopping points and moderate their gaze and choice of subject by adhering to various ‘prompt’ words. Along with their words and images, artists include a variety of maps some of which hand drawn. Some have also included 3 seemingly unconnected (and sometimes slightly surreal) words generated by geolocation software (what3words) and which can be used to locate the exact places artists stopped.

The walks took place on March 22nd and the “score” for the walk (written by Groundworks) was:


Here are various prompt words that we invite you to observe 
and respond to at times/distances mentioned in the 
Time Script below. It’s your choice as to which word 
you use and which stopping point on the walk you use them, 
but please don’t use a word more than once.
Ground level









Growth Distant





Time Script (times are GMT)

Enjoy the walk for the amount of time you have available and 
relish the scenery … 
please feel free to finish when you wish.

14:00 Observations and Responses at your chosen starting point 
[for 10 min]
14:10 Walk for 500 paces at your own speed [then stop &] 
Observations and Responses until
14:30 Continue your Walk for 20 minutes then at 14:50 stop & 
Observations and Responses until
15:10 Continue your Walk for 15 minutes then at 15:25 
Observations and Responses until
15:35 Continue your Walk for 750 paces [then stop &] 
Observations and Responses until
15:45 Continue your Walk for 10 minutes then at 15:55 stop & 
Observations and Responses until
16:05 Continue your Walk for 1000 paces [then stop &] 
Observations and Responses
16:20 Continue your Walk for 7 minutes then at 16:27 
Observations and Responses
16:45 Find somewhere nice to sit down, have a cup of tea 
and consider your findings
17:00 Navigate your way home or if you’re enjoying the walk, 
carry on while repeating the times/distances 
and use remaining trigger words


Given the similarities in the underlying idea with the series of Reels and Rants that I have already done I chose to draw on those experiences in how I responded. I would use the same ‘place’ that I had walked during my last set of Rants and would thus add another chapter of my walking on an imaginary island.

I chose to use the score (above) as a structure for presenting the text work and also added in three ‘location words’ (generated from the geolocating app what3words) and also the single word from the set above that I chose for each stopping place. Away from a web format, I envisage producing a ‘Chinese album’ that can be held and read whilst listening to the sound work.

The groups works, including my own, will be available through the Landlinks website. I have here arranged the work that I contributed.