A walk round: days 15 to 21

day 15

Thursday November 19th, 10:21 - 10:24 
270.0o to 282.9o 
Wind WNW 3 (gusting 4), T 5C (feels like 2C), 25% cloud cover

Pavements swept clean
of fallen autumn leaves
pruned red stalks of dogwood

A blackbird flicks up
onto the fence top
tip-cocks its tail then drops off

day 16

Friday November 20th, 13:34 - 13:47 
154.3o to 167.1o 
Wind S 3 (gusting 4), T 8C (feels like 6C), 75% cloud cover

The grass heads still stand
summer tall while dressed in
autumn sand-fawn browns

The crows hop-jump-flap
low along the grass
chasing the man with the bread

A robin from the hedge
drops to the lawn
picks up a worm and is gone

The starling cloud spreads
tightens balls spreads splits joins drifts
down onto the grass

day 17

Saturday November 21st, 08:23 - 08:32, 321.4o to 334.3o 
Wind WSW 4 (gusting 6), T 11C (feels like 11C), 62% cloud cover

Two herring gulls call
from the chimneys above
snatches of robin’s song

Cable layer’s digger
chunters and clunks
berries scattered on the ground

day 18

Sunday November 22nd, 08:20 - 08:31, 167.1o to 180.0o 
Wind WSW 3 (gusting 5), T 4C (feels like 0C), 0% cloud cover

Quiet flocks of gulls
dot the boating lake waiting for
bread to arrive

To the clonk-chime of the gatepost
three blackbirds chase
round the brewery yard

A gasp chat gasp chat gasp
heralds the two jogger’s approach
five crows watch

day 19

Monday November 23rd, 10:43 - 10:53, 141.4o to 154.3o
Wind SSW 3 (gusting 4), T 7C (feels like 4C), 37% cloud cover

Joyous schoolyard shrieks
flow into metro rumbles
a man sweeps up leaves

Past tumbled headstones
turn at the corner where the
blackcap sang in spring

day 20

Tuesday November 24th, 09:36 - 09:40, 000.0o to 12.9o 
Wind SSW 4 (gusting 6), T 11C (feels like 11C), 62% cloud cover

The shivering rustle
of the beech hedge
a garden-edge copper wall

Sparrows chirp in the holly
games field shrieks scatter
below cries of gulls

day 21

Wednesday November 25th, 09:24 - 09:36, 38.6o to 51.4o 
Wind W 2 (gusting 4), T 7C (feels like 7C), 37% cloud cover

Pressed by hard and loud
on churchyard grass my pace slows
I breath more slowly

I follow a desire path
round the churchyard edge
metros trundle past

Blackbirds abound
foraging in the ivy
the back of the churchyard

Two war graves
I hadn’t noticed before
sandstone rather than marble