42 Walks – the third week

Tuesday 7th April

07:56 - 08:38, wind SW 1 gusting 2, temp 9C (feels like 9)
Hydroxychloroquine is promoted as a Covid-19 treatment on the basis 
of bad science 
               througH the grasslands of the south
             sweet ciCely growing in the verge
        an allotment Quietude
          of daffodilS
                   a Board warns of vehicular traffic ahead
          pause to reAd the colville fountain
   the late edwin dodD colvill
           shades of Brown
               a skylArk runs
      then flies and Sings
        climb the fenCe
           by the chaIned gate
                    hEading for the flats
                a magNolia’s long lineage
the woodpigeon tries Copulation
    yesterday’s lurchEr

Wednesday 8th April

11:24 - 12:10, wind WSW 3 gusting 5, temp 16C (feels like 15)
A vetinary scientist in the Faroes repurposed his laboratory to test 
for Covid-19 in advance of a significant number of cases, allowing a 
comprehensive trace and test policy
                       laurel Blossom scent pervades Nanny’s Corner
         heading to the cemeteRy and the orchard
           south along the greAt north road
                      walkers Voices - my hat
  the continuity of traffics rOar
           walk around the dafFodil drifts
       clockwise around the grAves
             a hidden corner oRchard
                   standing crOsses laid down on graves
                  a wall top nEst hole tucked below the coping stone
                          archItecture speaks of values
                 stone carved Septimus gladstone ward
                 a snatch of bLackcap song
                jay-walk the mAin road
empty busses cross with the biN wagon
                       a washeD-out peacock butterfly
                         what’S with the hat?

Thursday 9th April

05:22 - 06:06, wind NE 2 gusting 4, temp 6C (feels like 4)
Patterns of behaviour and infection are discussed in the press
                          baCk to the east wood
       north through the hilLs
     a walk in the dawn chorUs
     nautical twilight driftS through civil dawn
                            Two 5 AM runners
                       the mEtro’s rumble carries
roof-line silhouette blackbiRds sing
      no parking access requIred at all times thank you
       burglar alarm's rockiNg blue lights
                       throuGh the site of the old factory
          pigeons start to sIng
            the shops palletS are loaded onto the lorry
                  along the Back alley
         the chorus falls awAy as dawn arrives
                        jackDaws chack to one another

Friday 10th April

07:48 - 08:34, wind S 2 gusting 3, temp 8C (feels like 7)
Under lockdown conditions the UK peak of the epidemic is predicted 
to be two weeks off
                to the norTh west                               
                          Where sarah had her cello lessons,
              a skip full Of useful wood
           behind the low Wall a stellate magnolia
              dad’s porschE by mum’s range rover
            across the greEn and along the alley
     tea-cher tea-cher rocKing tea-cher
               socially diStanced queue at charlotte’s butchery
           a back alley ouT of a memory of kiddar’s luck
           a cemetery of nO paths
            graves sunken And grown through by elder
commonwealth war graves; “Poor bloody infantry”
                  the convEnt’s group plot
  a song snatch is almost A willow warbler
                  by a bacK gate a concrete mixer’s slow churn

Saturday 11th April

07:34 - 08:19, wind W 2 gusting 3, temp 12C (feels like 12)
The government continues to be slow in organising access to PPE for 
health workers
                        off to the North east coast
                       a towering sHadowy auracaria
                    a japonica splaSh of deep red
          a churchyard easter gardeN
  a hyena-like dog walks forward thEn stops
                           the gravEyard stretches back and back
          the metro line runs beyonD the wall
        more commonwealth war graveS
       robin sings as crow and woodPigeon call
            headstone writing lead-Pegged in place
along the foot-worn track around thE little dell

Sunday 12th April

07:54 - 08:39, wind NW 1 gusting 2, temp 11C (feels like 11)
The government continues to be slow in organising access to tests 
and PPE for health workers
              to the souThern grasslands again
     a first swallow fliEs through head high
     through a gate and Stoop a fence
                        Tussocked grass
 a skylark lifts then flIckers upwards
           cattle crowd Near the gate
         the skylark hanGs and sings and sings
                 cows stAre as we walk by
   head for the copse igNoring the paths
                 yellow Dung flies sit on the cowpats
  a lark lands and disapPears
         from nowhere a Path to who knows where
          mechanical silEnce if only for a few seconds
                ‘till a Drum ’n’ base car thumps by
                      woOden gate
                   the cIty badge on the wall
          three castles Triple towered argent

Monday 13th April

07:42 - 08:24, wind NW 2 gusting 3, temp 4C (feels like 2)
The impact of the pandemic is not evenly distributed across society
 off toward the north-west penInsula
               cherry trees piNk-dusted with blossom
                            frEsh but no frost
  from the aerial a starling sQueaks then wheezes like a greenfinch
                    clearing oUt the old hospital site
     infill building in lost gArdens
                     the trickLe of traffic
           song thrush and robIn sing
              snake’s head friTillaries droop in a front garden
           an old fence post lYing
                        in a sKip
 a deserted house has an upstaIrs window open
 garden water in a sisyphean fLow
               a mews cottage Lost in a hidden yard
          a skipped door must Surely be useful