A walk round: days 22 to 28

day 22

Thursday November 26th, 09:40 - 09:52, 295.7o to 308.6o
Wind W 2 (gusting 3), T 6C (feels like 6C), 62% cloud cover

White-barred wings flash
as finches flick bounce pause fly
along the alleyway

A blackbird trilogy
chacked claims each to their own
crab apple larder

day 23

Friday November 27th, 07:25 - 07:41, 51.4o to 62.3o 
Wind SW 1 (gusting 2), T 2C (feels like 2C), 75% cloud cover

The blackbird watches
as I approach       then flies
lost into the dawn

The jackdaw mob hangs
at the dark end of the street
crotchet dots on ariels

Crossing the dene where
blackcap sang to chiffchaff’s call
memories of May

day 24

Saturday November 28th, 10:03 - 10:09, 77.1o to 90.0o
Wind NW 1 (gusting 2), T 1C (feels like 0C), 50% cloud cover

Two mallards scoot out
from the laurel    stop  and preen
looking over a bridge

Water frozen in the butt
frost crisps the grass
and whitens winter stalks

Synchronized clatter
of sticks      sword dancers or perhaps
a martial art

day 25

Sunday November 29th, 08:56 - 08:59, 25.7o to 38.6o [3]
Wind W 1 (gusting 3), T 6C (feels like 6C), 100% cloud cover

Five blackbirds flow
into through up and over
hedge porch roof ridge gone

Front gardens
used as carparks or vegetable plots
a dunnock sings

Grey-cowled and white-eyed
the jackdaws strut the pavement
the mist is lifting

day 26

Monday November 30th, 07:49 - 07:52, 244.3o to 257.1o
Wind WSW 4 (gusting 6), T 8C (feels like 5C), 62% cloud cover

The wren materialises
only when it is still
in the emerging dawn

The morning commute
at the bus stop two masked schoolboys
study their phones

day 27

Tuesday December 1st, 10:53 - 10:56, 192.9o to 250.7o
Wind W 2 (gusting 4), T 3C (feels like 0C), 37% cloud cover

Walking through rank grass
I’m wet from mid-calf down
morning dew still heavy

One lark’s rise is joined
by two      two more   a quintet
they circle away

day 28

Wednesday December 2nd, 09:28 - 09:31, 308.6o to 321.4o
Wind SW 3 (gusting 5), T 7C (feels like 4C), 75% cloud cover

Crows and pigeons stand watch
sentinels in the tree tops
postman nods hello

“that’ll be int’restin”
blares the man at his phone
as he wheels his bike