Walking to the sounds: days 15 to 21

Day 15 Tuesday January 19th

east inner 6 minutes
The Drive Moor Crescent Moorfield Ilford Road
Two men with hi-viz stripes work on the platforms
Across the track a dunnock picks its way through the shrubbery
The outbound train has nine passengers        a decreased service

Day 16 Wednesday January 20th

south inner 8 minutes
The Poplars High Street Duke’s Moor Town Moor
The stream is full               jackdaws and crows walk the 
 sodden moor
A flock of black-headed gulls loafs by a large puddle     they lift 
 and drift off as I approach
A mistle thrush flies off low then lifts into a tree
Starlings sit          chatter   and preen in a short break in 
 the rain
Enough traffic to make a constant noise         three 10.00 busses            each empty

Day 17 Thursday January 21st

southeast inner 9 minutes 
The Poplars High Street Little Moor allotments
In the lee of a large bush    and in the company of house sparrows
Two sets of feeders       dunnocks       blackbirds       
    and blue tits
Melting snow       water dripping wherever I look

Day 18 Friday January 22nd

north inner 12 minutes 
The Poplars High Street Woodbine Avenue Back High Street
A man goes to the solicitors
A couple walk by     despite its small blue coat their whippet 
 looks cold
Traffic is not really distinguishable
A herring gull chuckles        a crow calls

Day 19 Saturday January 23rd

northeast inner 7 minutes
The Poplars Roseworth Avenue The Grove
A family play hide and seek of a sort        the three children 
 dressed in ski suits
Birdsong comes and goes but I see few birds
The low winter sun is lighting up the grass      a carpet of 
 frost-droplet sparkles
Passing traffic is slowed by the arrival of a two police officers and
 a mobile speed camera

Day 20 Sunday January 24th

southwest outer 13 minutes
The Drive Moor Place Woodlands Oaklands Avenue Oaklands 
Grandstand Road Town Moor High Street Moor Crescent The Drive
A mix of ash       hawthorn           and oak
A robin moves through the dense branches of the hawthorns
A tit calls            one carrion crow
Bright sunshine bounces off frosted grass
A plane takes off        four miles away and clearly audible
Walkers climb the hill    up and   more circumspectly     down

Day 21 Monday January 25th

northwest inner 11 minutes
The Poplars High Street Causey Street Gordon Avenue 
Hawthorn Road Linden Road
It is playtime at the nearby school
An insect hotel    six Jackdaws   one black-headed and two 
 herring gulls       one tit
A few people pass
It is windier than on previous days though still cold