A walk round: days 8 to 14

day 8

Thursday November 12th, 08:57 - 09:25 
102.9o to 115.7o
Wind WSW 4 (gusting 7), T 9C (feels like 7C), 25% cloud cover

Black white blue bronze gold
amongst fallen birch and beech leaves
a magpie picks

On tarmac and pavement
I struggle for connection
I am out of touch

day 9

Friday November 13th, 10:40 - 10:52 
347.1o to 360.0o 
Wind SW 3 (gusting 5), T 10C (feels like 8C), 25% cloud cover

The other than human
feels scarce today
seven pigeons and a blackbird

A herring gull glows
angel-edged white
as it drifts past the sun

Stares at my hat
have they never seen
a microphone array before

day 10

Saturday November 14th, 10:33 - 10:40 
282.9o to 295.7o
Wind SSE 3 (gusting 4), T 8C (feels like 6C), 75% cloud cover

A mob of jackdaws
outlined on bare branches
against a dove grey sky 

After a cobbled alley
two blackbirds sit in
the light drizzle

day 11

Sunday November 15th, 10:18 - 10:21, 231.4o to 244.3o [19]
Wind S 3 (gusting 5), T 10C (feels like 10C), 75% cloud cover

The melodic drift
of a robin’s song
blue tit picks along a branch

day 12

Monday November 16th, 07:28 - 07:38 
90.0o to 102.9o 
Wind W 6 (gusting 8), T 9C (feels like 6C), 75% cloud cover

A skein of pink feet
calling as they head south
through the emerging dawn

Leaves tumble copper and gold
specks sucked down and up
by the gusting wind

day 13

Tuesday November 17th, 09:54 - 09:57 
257.1o to 270.0o
Wind SW 4 (gusting 6), T 14C (feels like 15C), 87% cloud cover

Engine idling
the driver cleans his hands
the verge is tones of copper

day 14

Wednesday November 18th, 09:40 - 09:43 
115.7o to 128.6o 
Wind SSW 5 (gusting 7), T 13C (feels like 14C), 62% cloud cover

Low clouds pushing through
above stark bare tree tops
it tries to rain

A window draped
in cotoneaster
a riot of pointillist red

Beyond the fence
a great tit’s scolding churr
from deep within a hawthorn