Št 2: “brez sledi”

Št 2: “brez sledi” is presented as a 106-minute, 8-channel sound installation [Steklenik Gallery, Ljubljana, opening 12:00 16th November 2019, running until 11thJanuary 2020]. This was the same sound work as ‘No.2: “no trace”‘ from ‘trace no trace‘ (above on the list of ‘sound installations’). On this occasion I didn’t use ambisonic plug-ins as I didn’t want to create a single position where the work could be heard; instead I wanted more of an emphasis on the individual speakers and listeners having to move between them (replicating my act of walking). I also did not install the spoken word piece that played seperately in the Parterre Garden at Cheeseburn Grange, rather incorporating this into the overall sound piece.
I also did a live performance [25 minute, 8-channel, live performance, Steklenik Gallery, Ljubljana, 19:00 19th November 2019] using recordings from the installation supplemented with recordings made whilst in Ljubljana and also from the paired work No.1: “trace”. There are two recordings of this – the first is recorded through a mixing desk (thanks to Brane Zorman) and I mixed down the eight channels to a stereo mix.

The second is a concurrent recording made in the gallery. This has the added dimension of the effects of the place as well as the performance.