Walking to the sounds: days 43 to 49

Day 43 Tuesday February 16th

west outer 4 minutes
The Drive Westfield Drive Oakfield Road Kenton Road Elmfield Road
The road bounded by utility services roadworks     traffic stops 
 and starts
A boy on his bike       pedalling along in his superhero wellies
A man walks with two poles           a woman runs by

Day 44 Wednesday February 17th

southwest inner 3 minutes
The Drive Moor Place Woodlands Oaklands
Moss dots the pitted tarmac    among the alleyway leaf litter
A single Blue Tit     and the distant calls of Jackdaws
A blackbird materialises atop a mahonia        drops into the 
 next garden
Five skeins of pinkfeet        about 150 birds   fly north calling

Day 45 Thursday February 18th

north inner 16 minutes
The Poplars High Street The Grove Grove Avenue
Twilight     moving towards dawn
Closed curtains    block out street lights
South wind blows     traffic noise
A robin starts to sing

Day 46 Friday February 19th

inner northeast 4 minutes
The Drive West Avenue Moorfield Moor Road South
Roadworks stop/start the traffic
A steady drift of people       from the coffee van
Rooftops of moss-grown tiles
A cupola     pagoda style      with a weathervane
A blackbird flies across the road

Day 47 Saturday February 20th

outer northwest 3 minutes
The Drive Westfield Drive Parker Avenue Brackenfield Road 
Thornfield Road Northfield Road Salters Road Yetlington Drive
Three dog-walkers     and a walking jogger
A blackbird picks over leaves     underneath the bushes
Behind me     a dunnock sings

Day 48 Sunday February 21st

inner southeast 15 minutes
Snatches of talk as people run   walk     and wait to cross
Fathers push buggies     of sleeping babies
The runners wait     check their time     hands on knees
Jackdaws explore a chimney

Day 49 Monday February 22nd

inner northeast 11 minutes
The Poplars Roseworth Avenue The Grove Roseworth Crescent 
 Roseworth Close
An unlikely haven     from the sounds of traffic
An ivy-grown wall       two pruned birch trees beyond
Birds flick through the shrubbery
The delivery man places the parcel     rings the bell    and leaves