42 Walks – the first week

Tuesday 24th March

12:07 - 12:50, wind SSW 3 gusting 5, temp 14C (feels like 13) 
Today is the first day of containment. 
  It is mainly Sunny 
I pass people sTepping off into the road 
  leave ‘a distAnce’; 
 there are seveRal friendly nods 
grins as we do This.

Wednesday 25th March

11:45 - 12:31, wind WSW 3 gusting 4, temp 15C (feels like 15)
I am walking an island into existence. 
        on ContencIón it is
a warmer day with Slightly less wind
 an increase in waLkers of the streets whilst
   a single Long-tAiled Tit flicks through shrubbery
   a young woman aNd her spaniel chase but it is caught by the slope
             runs Down the steep bank and is lost

Thursday 26th March

06:18 - 07:04, wind NW 1 gusting 1, temp 4C (feels like 4).
Today’s walk … 
                     heading souTh
                      heavy dew On the grass
          across or over two roaDs
                    a pair of blAckbirds at the bottom of the hedge
                            a flY-over from a crow and a woodpigeon
                   tracks on graSs and gravel
          a Little Grebe and a sWan
                      three skylArks
                            fly Low, chasing
beyond a stone wall a Robin flicKs

Friday 27th March

06:39 - 07:20, wind NW 1 gusting 2, temp 2C (feels like 2).
Today’s walk … 
            off to the norTh
       a freshly erected lOw fence
                  a front Door with a brass letterbox missing
                a passing Youth drifts cigarette smoke
        a blackbird percheS on the back of a park bench
      dew decked spider’s Web hangs from a pelican crossing
            mist haloed trAffic lights  
                      cobbLed alleyways
          a small supermarKet is already open

Saturday 28th March

06:52 - 07:32, wind N 4 gusting 6, temp 6C (feels like 2)
Today’s walk … 
                       zig-zag To
                          the nOrth west
                     shiny hoarDings promise
                    sumptuous bAthrooms
                          as crYing gulls circle
                 two magpies joStle at a roadkill
housing estate haunt of winter Waxwings
                    parked up cArs line driveways
                              oLd nest in a pruned shrub
                           cracKed paving slabs

Sunday 29th March

14:24 - 15:11, wind NNE 4 gusting 6, temp 4C (feels like -1)
Lockdown as a strategy for containment of the virus.
                        today is Colder 
          as the wind is in the nOrth again 
                             the Number 44 bus with two passengers 
            padlock and chain fasTens the bishop’s gate 
                          brassicAs netted against pigeons 
                          forsythIa glows yellow 
                            gardeN gate of welded horseshoes 
                                sMall groups of walkers 
                    traffic to thE Sainsbury’s Local 
                   children playiNg in gardens 
cyclist with a Kim Jong-un haircuT pedals slowly by

Monday 30th March

15:16 - 16:03, wind NNE 4 gusting 6, temp 10C (feels like 7)
The public are instructed to maintain a proximity of two metres from 
each other and for no more than 15 minutes
                      dog puShed along in a baby buggy
                       bush Of sparrow’s
             passing at distAnce
                          poLice car makes a sharp right turn
jay-walk across the main roaD
                 side roads Into Jesmond
   outside the house builderS stand chatting
                       pass The ruined chapel
                            Along the dene
                      two meN talk across the road
                         patChes of sunshine
      always walking into thE wind