“The Test Way” is released today …

I have long recognised that I have a number of field recordings that I have made over several years that have not fitted into any of the “outlets” that I have used to date – such as appearing in installations or radio works. Add to this the fact that I have for a while been considering the idea of adding music to my field recordings … and the result is “The Test Way”.

To field recordings from September 2014, and with inspiration from John Cage and Brian Eno, I add sparse tones. If you’re interested you can find the album here – https://martinpeccles.bandcamp.com/album/the-test-way

If the idea of this sort of music is of interest to you then if you “follow” me on Bandcamp you’ll automatically hear about new albums.

Walking Contencion Island at “Walking as a Question” (Prespa, 4-11 July 2021)

I’m presenting an audio paper at this conference – a remote activity, so sadly I will not be travelling to northern Greece. The conference paper is available here https://walklistencreate.org/walkingpiece/walking-contencion-island/

What is an audio paper? – good question, and this is my first attempt at producing one. It isn’t just a recording of what you would say in a standard presentation but more an artistic presentation that offers a range of ways of listening. The content is based on the work I have done during lockdown. Do let me know what you think.

I have also made a copy available through my SoundCloud page

Landlinks works in the Ground Works exhibition that opens on 17 June – 27 June

As you may recall I contributed to a collaborative piece of work, Landlinks – you can find details of my contribution here – https://martinpeccles.com/other-sound-works/landlinks/

So, after the passage of time and the persistence of Kel and Lizzie of Groundworks (to whom, kudos and thanks) the Landlinks works will be appearing in the Ground Works exhibition that opens on 17 June – 27 June at Three Storeys Nailsworth GL6 OJE – https://www.threestoreys.co.uk/whatsonarticles/earthbound-exhibition-thy88

Sadly I can’t be there in person but, if all goes according to plan, there will be my sound piece running on headphones and a book and card set version of my walk. If you are passing please drop by.

Day 83 Sunday March 28th

outer northwest 1 minutes
The Drive Westfield Drive Parker Avenue Elgy Road Elmfield Road
 Oakfield Terrace
Across from a terrace of cottages    blue builders bags    of stones 
Stepped back from the road   back from the wind    an olive tree sways



Day 82 Saturday March 27th

inner west 2 minutes
The Poplars High Street Graham Park Road Elmfield Approach
Along the ginnel   ivy winds through a wall-top fence   a wren sings
Wall top moss   red brown and green strokes    painted on mortar lime
Pitted surfaces of the wall’s stone    signature   of the mason's pick



Day 81 Friday March 26th

outer northeast 7 minutes
The Drive Moor Crescent Moor Road South Rectory Road
A chill wind gusts  in the early dawn      gulls cry above the street
A street-front hedge   dark green dotted with red     a gatepost rots



Day 80 Thursday March 25th

inner east 3 minutes
The Drive High Street Moor Road South Rectory Road Rectory Avenue
 Rectory Drive Stoneyhurst Road Alnmouth Drive
In the early dawn     I overlook a wooded vale   running down to the
 island shore
A seat beyond a fence       each weather-worn   beneath the trees
Hard pruned elder     a metro passes         a robin’s song



Day 79 Wednesday March 24th

outer southeast 7 minutes
The Drive Moor Crescent Little Moor Highbury Mildmay Road 
 Brentwood Avenue Tankerville Terrace
Cordons espaliers and pleaches  an orchard of pruning  a blue tit
 flies through
Neatened trees   against the fence  the tumble of water tank compost
 bin and bug hotels
Gavin May Queen Howgate Wonder   Ouillin’s Gage    Vranja Quince



Day 78 Tuesday March 23rd

outer north 11 minutes
The Poplars Roseworth Crescent The Drive Church Road
Alarm train siren car plane saw   I feel pressed   to the back of the
Tumbled headstones   graves grown with inadvertent pollards    air of
 half-managed neglect
Blackbird drops from bush to grass    crow takes a beak of straw     
 dunnock sings