Saturday 4th April

07:12 – 07:54, wind SSW 2 gusting 3, temp 5C (feels like 5)

                       oNe man, hood up,
               sits at tHe back of the bus
                topiary Spirals upwards
                  six piNts on the doorstep
        a paperboy trollIes his load
  a drop-leaf table lyinG across the skip
a dunnock propositions tHe world
                    a lyTch gate to the garage
             the house wIth two porsche’s
              … and a beNtley
               eighteen Geese ‘v’ north above the green
     fellow travellers wAlk the streets
       the sparrowhawk fLap
                    glidE flaps through

Friday 3rd April

07:08 – 07:54, wind W 3 gusting 4, temp 3C (feels like -1)

                            off to deFine
                      the south east Inlet
                            jaywalk oVer the temporary lights
                           empty bussEs
                   a light frost crisPs the grass
                  joggers cross the lIttle moor
           along the grove of no myrtLes
          … though there is an elderfLower
                      the paperboy neAtly folds the day’s news
         primulas by cowslips in a stReet corner bed
                             plump liPs by “award winning surgeons”
    sheds and greenhouses stud the alLotments
                                 a blAckcap sings flits jumps sings
“suppliers of household requisites siNce 1947”

Thursday 2nd April

07:00 – 07:41, wind W 6 gusting 9, temp 8C (feels like 4)

                           off To define
                      the northErnmost peninsula
                 the wind mimicS
                      the lost Traffic roar
                             drIfts of daffodils
                   a lurcher ruNs towards us
                           a roGue rhododendron
          please don't park in Front of these gates
                 an overgrown pAth
                across alley gaRages with huge shuttered doors
                   a concrete fRont garden
                  full of vegetAble trays
               a street sweepinG machine bumbles along
back alley slabs cut to make flOwer beds

Wednesday 1st April

06:59 – 07:44, wind W 3 gusting 4, temp 5C (feels like 2)

            heading for The NW peninsula
        a man in black gOes to work on a harley
              a small juDas tree
                        An X18 with nobody on it
                   nearlY walk in front of a bike
     tree-top blackbird Song
              the sparroWhawk flushes everything off the field
             on wolsinghAm road bunting still flies
         house sparrow fLies off with a feather in its beak
     tree-top finch flocK

Tuesday 31st March

11:12 – 11:59, wind NNW 2 gusting 3, temp8C (feels like 6)

wren sings on the garden fenCe
       looping through the sOuth east
                        cherRy in
                     full flOwer
                the bell paiNted black
        fewer people less trAffic
                           iVy rotted fence
                        a poInter and an old black lab
                     duck thRough the fence
                   cows on dUke’s moor
               smell of woodSmoke

Monday 30th March

15:16 – 16:03, wind NNE 4 gusting 6, temp 10C (feels like 7)

                      dog puShed along in a baby buggy
                       bush Of sparrow’s
             passing at distAnce
                          poLice car makes a sharp right turn
jay-walk across the main roaD
                 side roads Into Jesmond
   outside the house builderS stand chatting
                       pass The ruined chapel
                            Along the dene
                      two meN talk across the road
                         patChes of sunshine
      always walking into thE wind

Saturday 28th March

06:50 – 07:32, wind N 4 gusting 6, temp 6C (feels like 2).

                       zig-zag To
                          the nOrth west
                     shiny hoarDings promise
                    sumptuous bAthrooms
                          as crYing gulls circle
                 two magpies joStle at a roadkill
housing estate haunt of winter Waxwings
                    parked up cArs line the driveways
                              oLd nest in a pruned shrub
                           cracKed paving slabs