Day 55 Sunday February 28th

outer northeast 11 minutes
The Poplars Roseworth Avenue The Grove Moor Road North 
 St Nicholas Avenue Rectory Grove Church Road Church Lane
Sparrow chatter   across small front gardens   behind low walls
Cars parked   on the south side of the lane   a lone walker passes by
Lost mortar below roof tiles      a sparrow flies to the hole



Day 54 Saturday February 27th

inner west 13 minutes
The Poplars High Street Graham Park Road
A heraldic turn    atop gateposts     lions hold shields
A once gateway bricked back into a wall
In a Range Rover      white hair uncombed      eyes staring
A woodpecker drums on a chimney       a thrush limbers up for spring



Day 53 Friday February 26th

outer southwest 6 minutes
The Drive Moor Place woodlands Oaklands Avenue Oaklands 
 Grandstand Road Town Moor
A skylark murmers     reluctant to sing in February sunshine
Flows of people     crisscross the moor
Jackdaw and common gull stand      as crows lumber into the wind



Day 50 Tuesday February 23rd

inner south 8 minutes
The Drive Moor Crescent Great North Road Grandstand Road
Wind     sound is tossed   and shredded      by the gusts
the skylarks sings     above the gale
Jackdaws stay low       dogwalkers wrapped against the weather



Day 49 Monday February 22nd

inner northeast 11 minutes
The Poplars Roseworth Avenue The Grove Roseworth Crescent 
 Roseworth Close
An unlikely haven     from the sounds of traffic
An ivy-grown wall       two pruned birch trees beyond
Birds flick through the shrubbery
The delivery man places the parcel     rings the bell    and leaves


Day 47 Saturday February 20th

outer northwest 3 minutes
The Drive Westfield Drive Parker Avenue Brackenfield Road 
Thornfield Road Northfield Road Salters Road Yetlington Drive
Three dog-walkers and a walking jogger
A blackbird picks over leaves underneath the bushes
Behind me a dunnock sings



Day 46 Friday February 19th

inner northeast 4 minutes
The Drive West Avenue Moorfield Moor Road South
Roadworks stop/start the traffic
A steady drift of people       from the coffee van
Rooftops of moss-grown tiles
A cupola     pagoda style      with a weathervane
A blackbird flies across the road