Saturday April 2nd 3.00 pm on Resonance Extra – walkplacedistancetime #2 – No2: no trace

walkplacedistancetime – April’s episode is “No 2: no trace”  in the waters of a Northumberland River

In the river my walking is primarily an act of walking as touching. The senses that predominantly guide my movement along the bank of the river – vision, sound and balance – are blunted; the use of two sticks turns me into a quadruped, and it is only this that allowed me to move with any confidence at all. Whilst I ‘watch my step’ and ‘look where I am going’ the reality in the river is that I can only see and hear the river’s surface. What shapes my movement is hidden from my sight and hearing, up to a metre below the water’s surface, on the bottom of the river, and apparent only to the touch of my feet or the probing of my sticks.

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tomorrows episode is four Northumberland rants inspired by John Cage’s 49 Waltz’s for the five boroughs              framed in the musical motif of the traditional Northumberland dance style of the Rant       four walks to locations across Northumberland          locations and recording durations chosen using chance procedures         listen to distance time  place           explored on a human scale