Walking to the sounds: days 29 to 35

Day 29 Tuesday February 2nd

northwest inner 6 minutes
The Poplars High Street Causey Street Gordon Avenue Hawthorn Road 
 Hawthorn Road West Back Hawthorn Road West
Stand just past a pair of stone gateposts
A leaking gutter spills    snow-melt down four generations of 
To the north a magpie flies through the sleet to sit in a treetop
The hunched shapes of two woodpigeons

Day 30 Wednesday February 3rd

southwest inner 11 minutes
The Drive
The rain falls      a leaking gutter spills water into a puddle
A wildlife haven against an old wall       bug hotels 
 and a brush pile at the base of the wall
A blue tit sits at the top of a birch tree   oblivious to the rain
A blackbird alarms along the alley   passing me by inches
Engine noise doesn’t travel    but the seethe of tyre noise does

Day 31 Thursday February 4th

southwest outer 8 minutes
The Drive Moor Place Woodlands Oaklands Avenue Oaklands 
 Grandstand Road Town Moor
By the gate that sounds the runners passing by
In a puddle    grey leaves slowly turning to soil
A gull performs its rain dance     tricking worms to the surface

Day 32 Friday February 5th

east outer 9 minutes
The Drive Moor Crescent Moorfield Jesmond Dene Road Friday Fields 
 Lane Towers Avenue Bemersyde Drive Deepwood
Drizzle blown on the east wind
Rain gathers     runs    and drops into a grating     a dog barks

Day 33 Saturday February 6th

northwest outer 8 minutes
The Drive Westfield Drive Parker Avenue Brackenfield Road 
 Meadowfield Road Brierfield Road
At a crossroads    pigeons surf the gusting wind     spilling across 
 the skyline
Rooftop perched    pigeons magpie    ariels substitute for tree tops

Day 34 Sunday February 7th

northwest outer 12 minutes
The Drive Westfield Drive Parker Avenue Brackenfield Road 
 Salters Road
Sleet driven on the wind     through the treetops
Father and son   a yellow football skids through puddles
Two mistle thrushes move off

Day 35 Monday February 8th

west inner 10 minutes
The Poplars
East wind blowing snow
Traffic noise        or the wind
A tracery of dead ivy laces the tree trunks
The wall pillar leans out at an angle