Mycelium was a group exhibition that ran in The Hatton Gallery, Newcastle University between 20th August and 3rd September 2022. I exhibited three works.

Walking Contención Island was a 15 hour 34 minute, 3-channel sound installation with six, floor-placed, text works. This presented the three Contención Island walks together in the same space. Mono versions of the recordings of the walks were played through a speaker that corresponded to the text scroll that was laid out on the floor. The floor-placed text works (one scroll of poetry and image and one scripta continua for each of the three sets of walks) were arranged so that they had to be walked around/over in order to read them.


seven days in June was a 3 hour 38 minute, seven channel sound work based on seven walks in Alaska in June 2018. Accompanying poetry and images are presented in a 5-metre concertina fold book.

seven days in June

Presenting seven walks, each offset by 20 minutes, the sounds of the walks shifts across seven speakers, each of which corresponds to its accompanying text and image in a concertina fold book. The book is illuminated, and the speaker volume set to encourage a close examination.


No 2: “no trace” was a 1 hour 46 minute, 4 channel sound work with spoken poetry, presented in The Arches, Newcastle University.

This was based on the recordings from  On this occasion they were edited as a quadrophonic sound file that played continuously as a loop.