A sound installation coming up – ‘One Day in June’

I have a three-day installation coming up – titled ‘One Day in June’, it is a 60 minute, two-channel sound work that is based on work in Iceland.

WHEN: Wednesday February 12th from 10:00 – 13:00; Thursday February 13th from 10:00 – 16:00; Friday February 14th from 10:00 – 13:00

WHERE: It is running in the XL Gallery in the Fine Art Department at Newcastle University (directions below).


One Day in June: 24 hours in eight movements

eight sequential sections from the

eight successive recordings of a replicated walk

walked every three hours

across a June Icelandic fell

This work presents time, distance and place presented here as: sequential sections from the eight recordings of a replicated walk across an Icelandic fell-side; spoken and written haibun; and a line poem.

The sound recordings step a listener forward, through time and across distance, across a landscape, as I walk the eight times back and forth across an Icelandic fellside. Through the speakers you listen into one walk after another – to a time – one day in June – to a place – a remote Iceland fellside – to the passing of time – the (60 minutes) of the recordings, the hours between walks, my walking for 8 hours, my walking across 24 hours … and to distances – the two miles of a single walk, my overall walking for 16 miles, and the distance from here to the fellside.

The line poem offers letters, words shorn of almost all literary structure or space – words and phrases emerge … and dissolve, thoughts shift as you make and unmake meaning – but it is also be walked along, stepped around … it is not possible to engage with it without moving. As you move along the poems – you move feet in the gallery and miles in Iceland – bring your experiences, your memories                     of movement                  of time    of things that you hear.

All of this is what you are listening to … what you hear is created by you …


To get to the XL Gallery – Coming from the Haymarket, pass Kings Gate and go up the steps; pass the Union Building/Northern Stage; go through the Arches into the Quadrangle; the Fine Art Department is up the stone steps immediately on your right. Go up the steps, through the grey double doors and you are in the foyer area – turn right and you will be facing the art shop – and the XL Gallery is on the left beyond the shop.