Friday 24th April

06:20 – 07:07, wind WSW 1 gusting 3, temp 3C (feels like 3)

The UK’s seismic hum has fallen by between 30 and 50 percent during lockdown.

                      to the Southern grasslands …
                    south havEn and south shore
   an empty bus and a restockIng lorry
             an overnight froSt slicks the grass
             cut but not trimMed handkerchief lawns
                    the traffIc seethe pushes across the grass
            uneven grass legaCy of cowpats
               paths from nowHere to nowhere
          a skylark flickers Upwards
crows flap slowly across the Moor
    the cow just stares and cHews
      duck through the fence And across the road
    read the story in the walL’s stones
                         the Veering runner’s “morning”
                      the gatE clangs and
            a greenfinch callS


Thursday 23rd April

06:26 – 07:11, wind NNE 2 gusting 3, temp 6C (feels like 4)

There is discussion of what should be the driver of lockdown decisions, the economy or health.

                 to the norTh haven
         another roadside cHerry looks sick
                     a suggEstion of mist
          the mayflower appEars in april
          snatches of blackCap …
                      … belOw the great-tits rock 
          a pigeon feeds beNeath the bird scarer
     heads angled aside a sOng thrush and three blackbirds hunt
        passed by the rhythM of the jogger
        into a building canYon through a brick gorge
                      pls nOcke …
                … if answr Requid
a metal fish swims on a garDen bench
a recessed boot-scraper by Each front door
             through the blAst of the bin-wagon
         two passengers on The double-decker bus
   the mapped route is sligHtly …
               … cerne abbaS-esque


Wednesday 22nd April

19:00 – 19:42, wind NE 2 gusting 4, temp 9C (feels like 7)

Dominic Raab standing in for the Prime Minister at PMQs meets Kier Starmer on his first outing at the despatch box.

      to the south-west gRasslands
                  a lost Alley
past the emblem of the plAntagenets
                       a Beaming five-year-old cyclist
 flowering ivy overhangs The path
              a mob of woOdpigeons
           joan the cow wAtches us pass
                 larks riSe and sing
              a pipit disTraction flights me away
          a view to the fAr hills
                 she’s goT an udder
           onto a desire Path
        three cows are naMeless
                    two sQueaking gates and a siren
  approach the traffic’s Seethe


Tuesday 21st April

06:42 – 07:27, wind ENE 3 gusting 5, temp 3C (feels like 5)

Reporting rates of testing, new cases and deaths are recognised as inaccurate for a range of (fairly predictable) reasons.

               through fields Towards the west
                      the smasH of glass recycling
               the drifting seEth of tyres on the wind
               mock-tudor chimNeys tower
                           a fUrther secret cul-de-sac
                   a front rooM cross-trainer
                         an arBour of olive trees
                      cross thE moor into wind and sun
sounds drift south to north acRoss me
       cows hide in the early Sun glare
                a goldfinch’s Chatter from across a wall
      pass two triple towered Argent badges
    roadside borage is early iN flower
           the dell slowly filLs with a curtain of new leaves
                 waves of a thIrd siren wash by
                     same placE same moulton



Monday 20th April

06:40 – 07:25, wind NE 2 gusting 4, temp 5C (feels like 3)

There is further debate of the UK Government’s lack of preparedness and focus in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

          to south haven’s Bank and the mid-east
    cherry trees froth whitE and pink
             a mistle thrusH runs listens runs
             a japanese delIcacy in a hedgerow flower
                 jay-walk iN the early traffic’s rush
                       sounDs pulse and wave over me
                   through The small gate
        cane frames await tHe beans
   blackcap’s fluting mumblE spars with traffic’s tarmac rush
                      a lurCher palatinate
                   rounded Up by a basset hound
seek shelter down by the stReam
                      an inVisible magpie calls and crow flies
                  a woodpigEon flies in amorous pursuit

Sunday 19th April

08:04 – 08:51, wind ENE 1 gusting 1, temp 7C (feels like 7)

There is debate of the UK Government’s lack of preparedness and focus in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

   to the northwest peninsulA
           moving through a Stilled quietude
           a dove stands outLined on the roof hip
             cross from shadE to sun
the rise and fall of woodpigEon’s display
 the noise of a blue jaguar Passes by
footfall contained within roAdside walls
                    a prioriTy shopper’s slow homeward tread
        a runner veers left To go by
                     on nortHfield an araucaria and a door slam
     centuries of stone-carvEd words
                     a narroW alley and a blind bend
                    a soft wHistle descends high in a tree
          a bedlington terriEr yaps us past its garden
 the gull-laugh swings in thE sky above
         a patch of campion Lifts the roadside

Saturday 18th April

11:16 – 12:01, wind ENE 3 gusting 5, temp 8C (feels like 6)

Healthcare workers in some trusts are told they may have to work without adequate personal protective equiptment.

                                   a Walk to the south-south-east
                    pause at the top Of the south haven
           weave past a quasi-legal gRoup
                                  worKing down to the point
              sparrows cheep to the rUmbling metro
                             step amoNgst graves as the car drives by
                        feathers lie Plucked among norwegian graves
                    pass through the Resonance of the gatehouse
the allotment-edge sweet scent drift Of horse manure
                warmth in the lee of The hedge
               the pink quorum shuttlE shuttles no one
                       long lines sliCed into the turf
                           passed by The memory of an early swallow
                          there are hEns at the bottom of the garden
                apple blossom on the Drive


Friday 17th April

07:08 – 07:52, wind E 2 gusting 4, temp 7C (feels like 6)

The increased risks of domestic and child abuse during lockdown are highlighted.

                 to the mouth of The northeast haven
one semi-skimmed one full cream tHree organic
                        the lurchEr is again in the dene
                   walk right up To a song thrush
                 a volunteer papeRboy works along the road
       no parking garage in constAnt use thank you
             a second chiffchaff Pulses song
                      from surteeS to brandling
                     the trundle Of a cornering metro
    a blackcap or garden warbler Flutes
              singing from deep eLdercover
               a sandstone tombstOne weathered through
                          a gull Cries above the haven
a potential woodland glade is choKed with ivy
  a truck ignores the flashing reD warning
  house of a high sheriff and a lOrd lieutenant’s deputy
                      a sparrowhaWk spars with a mobbing crow
                            a runNer passes by

Thursday 16th April

04:50 – 05:35, wind NNW 1 gusting 3, temp 4C (feels like 4)

There is a dawning realisation of the somehow unanticipated carnage being wreaked in care homes.

            along and down to sOuth haven
                  walking in naUtical twilight
                  wagons noise Their way along the road
                  blackbird melOdy in full flow
                            rooFtop silhouettes sing and sing
              the darkness feedS the dawn with song
                   beyond the lIne of houses a metro trundles
a thrush dimly lands on the verGe
         distant lights of seetHing traffic
                         words Through an open window
                            blaCkbird wren and great tit
  as if by some common consent A quieting falls
                   the late choRus of the woodpigeons
                 birds ghost thEir way across the grass
                              sHapes swoop
                  and drift thrOugh the gathering dawn
                    a crescent Moon rises in the south
                             wrEns zip
            below circling gullS

Wednesday 15th April

06:45 – 07:27, wind W 3 gusting 4, temp 6C (feels like 3)

Some on low incomes are having to choose whether to eat or not.

a figure of eight through the North
     a hedge sprouts green thrOugh old copper
                         a useFul mirror trapped in a skip
               camelia pink brOwned by frost
          pavement trees are tOo low
                 boxes for birDs and bats
                    blackbird Flutes as sparrows chirp
            a pond by an abandOned bowling green
                peeling door fRame uncut grass
      ferns grow from the mortAr ...
                   of a house Wall
           a pope picture in tHe back window
                          narrOw pavement …
                         on beLle vue
                   gulls circlE calling
    an alley of windows on garDens
                        the trAffic pulse on the high street
                     a friendlY wave from a jaguar