A walk round Contención Island Day 21 Wednesday November 25th

Wednesday November 25th, 09:24 – 09:36

38.6o to 51.4o

Wind W 2 (gusting 4), T 7C (feels like 7C), 37% cloud cover

Pressed by hard and loud
on churchyard grass my pace slows
I breath more slowly

I follow a desire path
round the churchyard edge
metros trundle past

Blackbirds abound
foraging in the ivy
the back of the churchyard

Two war graves
I hadn’t noticed before
sandstone rather than marble



A walk round Contención Island Day 18 Sunday November 22nd

Sunday November 22nd, 08:20 – 08:31

167.1o to 180.0o

Wind WSW 3 (gusting 5), T 4C (feels like 0C), 0% cloud cover

Quiet flocks of gulls
dot the boating lake waiting for
bread to arrive

To the clonk-chime of the gatepost
three blackbirds chase
round the brewery yard

A gasp chat gasp chat gasp
heralds the two jogger’s approach
five crows watch


A walk round Contención Island Day 16 Friday November 20th

Friday November 20th, 13:34 – 13:47

154.3o to 167.1o

Wind S 3 (gusting 4), T 8C (feels like 6C), 75% cloud cover

The grass heads still stand
summer tall while dressed in
autumn sand-fawn browns

The crows hop-jump-flap
low along the grass
chasing the man with the bread

A robin from the hedge
drops to the lawn
picks up a worm and is gone

The starling cloud spreads
tightens balls spreads splits joins drifts
down onto the grass