Day 74 Friday March 19th

outer west 13 minutes
The Drive Westfield Drive Fernville Road Kenton Road Montague Avenue Wilson Gardens
Rotted gatepost   front wall pointing gone       dunnock singing
Electric van    delivering brown parcels    that are green
Gull cry ‘daw chack    bin thump     finch  and electric van  wheeze



Day 73 Thursday March 18th

inner west 4 minutes
The Poplars High Street Elmfield Road
Under the eaves   the tit goes into its nest  traffic’s passing press
Electric gates and entry systems    from behind a wall    the smell 
 of death
A runner     irritated at the van     parked across the pavement



Day 72 Wednesday March 17th

outer east 12 minutes
The Drive High Street Moorfield Little Moor Jesmond Dene Road 
 Osborne Road Mitchell Avenue North Jesmond Avenue Newbrough Crescent 
 Osborne Road Reid Park Road
By a 12th century chapel  a place of pilgrimage   in St Mary’s name
A dell below me is overgrown    untended     and a riot of birds
Against the bright sunlight I see mainly shapes    flying in and out
Two bursts of a woodpecker’s drum   counterpoint   to the bin wagon’s
 slow thumping approach



Day 71 Tuesday March 16th

inner west 15 minutes
The Drive
Bright sunshine dazzles and      out of the wind      warms
Blue tits explore the nest box         that hangs in the elder
Bang thud tinkle     builders come and go        and windchimes



Day 70 Monday March 15th

inner west 15 minutes
The Drive Westfield Drive Parker Avenue Beechfield Road
Old bricks   dropping mortar     and crowned in ivy
The whine and growl of builders  ricochets around   hard to localise
In bright sun  passing walkers are well wrapped up  a chill wind blows


Day 67 Friday March 12th

outer southwest 6 minutes
The Drive Moor Place Woodlands Woodlands Avenue Westfield 
 Grandstand Road
Back on rough grass     a lark sings beneath the wind
Distant figures   insect small       a lone runner strides
The smooth horizon north     prickles with buildings in the south



Day 66 Thursday March 11th

inner west 16 minutes
The Poplars High Street Elmfield Road North Avenue
A slate     slipped from a ridge      lies in the garage gutter
A man with two dogs     curious     stops to talk
The song of the reversing ambulance       echoes along the avenue
Marks on the window frame    beneath the eaves   possibility of a nest


Day 65 Wednesday March 10th

outer north 12 minutes
The Poplars High Street Salters Road Elsdon Road Henry Street 
 Hedley Terrace
Tucked into the laurel as the rain begins    to the chat of sparrows
On the seventh floor   workmen shout     as they hand down planks
On a far skyline      jackdaws dot and shuffle