Monday 27th April

06:40 – 07:20, wind W 2 gusting 4, temp 5C (feels like 3)

Government briefings caution about the point to relax lockdown.

            off into the West
              three chimnEy-top gulls call
   a door overgrown with A drape of ivy
             footsteps thRump on inspection hatch metal
                      fivE blackbirds pull worms from the lawn
   beech hedge buds softeN
                  warmer On the sunny side of the street
        a house name glisTens in the sun
      a front garden vegeTable patch looks unloved
                terraced Houses trimmed with orange brick
       the downwind sifflE of distant traffic
             there is no Rhubarb amongst the bluebells
           the gate’s tunE plays onto the moor 
   private garden no entrY
trace the wall along the Edge of the moor
trying to track a small sTream