Sunday 26th April

07:26 – 08:11, wind W 3 gusting 5, temp 10C (feels like 8)

Boris Johnson quotes Cicero – “The health of the people should be the supreme law”

           to redefine tHe eastern shore
          the moor cattlE low
     meet the retriever And the lurcher again
          ponder on a cuL-de-sac
                     pasT gardens paved for minis and audi’s
                 along tHe narrow road across the bridge
            down steps tO the burn
                  right For a wagtail a mid-stream shoal
                       sTand before a bank of wild garlic
         the black lab cHases sticks
    cross the burn by thE mill and the force
                    the Passing snatch of blackcap warble
up the slope and into thE drifted scent of garlic
  a lóng guards the windOwsill
               towards oPalescent greyness in the west
                in at a Locked gate
             ordered vegEtable rows