Saturday 25th April

11:31 – 12:13, wind ESE 2 gusting 3, temp 11C (feels like 11)

The web based Covid testing site runs out of test after only a few hours.

                           a loop Through the east
              erratic with migrainE
 at the foot of a tree a fallen neSt box
          the ash is still in tighT bud
                      the lightnesS of the poplar
      a blackcap fluting from coveR
  a distant drift of beyond-roof gUlls
a street of cared-for pocket gardeNs
               a spaniel warns me Off
                       a fence sinUous form in two dimensions
          my hollow step on the meTal cover
                              no rAin for five weeks
   neither toadflax nor stonecrop Grows on a wall 
                    past the vicarAge but no discernible church
     a mistle thrush flutes and whIstles unseen
                        a runner iN a three-way social-distance-jam