Friday 24th April

06:20 – 07:07, wind WSW 1 gusting 3, temp 3C (feels like 3)

The UK’s seismic hum has fallen by between 30 and 50 percent during lockdown.

                      to the Southern grasslands …
                    south havEn and south shore
   an empty bus and a restockIng lorry
             an overnight froSt slicks the grass
             cut but not trimMed handkerchief lawns
                    the traffIc seethe pushes across the grass
            uneven grass legaCy of cowpats
               paths from nowHere to nowhere
          a skylark flickers Upwards
crows flap slowly across the Moor
    the cow just stares and cHews
      duck through the fence And across the road
    read the story in the walL’s stones
                         the Veering runner’s “morning”
                      the gatE clangs and
            a greenfinch callS