Thursday 23rd April

06:26 – 07:11, wind NNE 2 gusting 3, temp 6C (feels like 4)

There is discussion of what should be the driver of lockdown decisions, the economy or health.

                 to the norTh haven
         another roadside cHerry looks sick
                     a suggEstion of mist
          the mayflower appEars in april
          snatches of blackCap …
                      … belOw the great-tits rock 
          a pigeon feeds beNeath the bird scarer
     heads angled aside a sOng thrush and three blackbirds hunt
        passed by the rhythM of the jogger
        into a building canYon through a brick gorge
                      pls nOcke …
                … if answr Requid
a metal fish swims on a garDen bench
a recessed boot-scraper by Each front door
             through the blAst of the bin-wagon
         two passengers on The double-decker bus
   the mapped route is sligHtly …
               … cerne abbaS-esque