Wednesday 22nd April

19:00 – 19:42, wind NE 2 gusting 4, temp 9C (feels like 7)

Dominic Raab standing in for the Prime Minister at PMQs meets Kier Starmer on his first outing at the despatch box.

      to the south-west gRasslands
                  a lost Alley
past the emblem of the plAntagenets
                       a Beaming five-year-old cyclist
 flowering ivy overhangs The path
              a mob of woOdpigeons
           joan the cow wAtches us pass
                 larks riSe and sing
              a pipit disTraction flights me away
          a view to the fAr hills
                 she’s goT an udder
           onto a desire Path
        three cows are naMeless
                    two sQueaking gates and a siren
  approach the traffic’s Seethe