Tuesday 21st April

06:42 – 07:27, wind ENE 3 gusting 5, temp 3C (feels like 5)

Reporting rates of testing, new cases and deaths are recognised as inaccurate for a range of (fairly predictable) reasons.

               through fields Towards the west
                      the smasH of glass recycling
               the drifting seEth of tyres on the wind
               mock-tudor chimNeys tower
                           a fUrther secret cul-de-sac
                   a front rooM cross-trainer
                         an arBour of olive trees
                      cross thE moor into wind and sun
sounds drift south to north acRoss me
       cows hide in the early Sun glare
                a goldfinch’s Chatter from across a wall
      pass two triple towered Argent badges
    roadside borage is early iN flower
           the dell slowly filLs with a curtain of new leaves
                 waves of a thIrd siren wash by
                     same placE same moulton