Monday 20th April

06:40 – 07:25, wind NE 2 gusting 4, temp 5C (feels like 3)

There is further debate of the UK Government’s lack of preparedness and focus in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

          to south haven’s Bank and the mid-east
    cherry trees froth whitE and pink
             a mistle thrusH runs listens runs
             a japanese delIcacy in a hedgerow flower
                 jay-walk iN the early traffic’s rush
                       sounDs pulse and wave over me
                   through The small gate
        cane frames await tHe beans
   blackcap’s fluting mumblE spars with traffic’s tarmac rush
                      a lurCher palatinate
                   rounded Up by a basset hound
seek shelter down by the stReam
                      an inVisible magpie calls and crow flies
                  a woodpigEon flies in amorous pursuit