Sunday 19th April

08:04 – 08:51, wind ENE 1 gusting 1, temp 7C (feels like 7)

There is debate of the UK Government’s lack of preparedness and focus in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic.

   to the northwest peninsulA
           moving through a Stilled quietude
           a dove stands outLined on the roof hip
             cross from shadE to sun
the rise and fall of woodpigEon’s display
 the noise of a blue jaguar Passes by
footfall contained within roAdside walls
                    a prioriTy shopper’s slow homeward tread
        a runner veers left To go by
                     on nortHfield an araucaria and a door slam
     centuries of stone-carvEd words
                     a narroW alley and a blind bend
                    a soft wHistle descends high in a tree
          a bedlington terriEr yaps us past its garden
 the gull-laugh swings in thE sky above
         a patch of campion Lifts the roadside