Saturday 18th April

11:16 – 12:01, wind ENE 3 gusting 5, temp 8C (feels like 6)

Healthcare workers in some trusts are told they may have to work without adequate personal protective equiptment.

                                   a Walk to the south-south-east
                    pause at the top Of the south haven
           weave past a quasi-legal gRoup
                                  worKing down to the point
              sparrows cheep to the rUmbling metro
                             step amoNgst graves as the car drives by
                        feathers lie Plucked among norwegian graves
                    pass through the Resonance of the gatehouse
the allotment-edge sweet scent drift Of horse manure
                warmth in the lee of The hedge
               the pink quorum shuttlE shuttles no one
                       long lines sliCed into the turf
                           passed by The memory of an early swallow
                          there are hEns at the bottom of the garden
                apple blossom on the Drive