Friday 17th April

07:08 – 07:52, wind E 2 gusting 4, temp 7C (feels like 6)

The increased risks of domestic and child abuse during lockdown are highlighted.

                 to the mouth of The northeast haven
one semi-skimmed one full cream tHree organic
                        the lurchEr is again in the dene
                   walk right up To a song thrush
                 a volunteer papeRboy works along the road
       no parking garage in constAnt use thank you
             a second chiffchaff Pulses song
                      from surteeS to brandling
                     the trundle Of a cornering metro
    a blackcap or garden warbler Flutes
              singing from deep eLdercover
               a sandstone tombstOne weathered through
                          a gull Cries above the haven
a potential woodland glade is choKed with ivy
  a truck ignores the flashing reD warning
  house of a high sheriff and a lOrd lieutenant’s deputy
                      a sparrowhaWk spars with a mobbing crow
                            a runNer passes by