Thursday 16th April

04:50 – 05:35, wind NNW 1 gusting 3, temp 4C (feels like 4)

There is a dawning realisation of the somehow unanticipated carnage being wreaked in care homes.

            along and down to sOuth haven
                  walking in naUtical twilight
                  wagons noise Their way along the road
                  blackbird melOdy in full flow
                            rooFtop silhouettes sing and sing
              the darkness feedS the dawn with song
                   beyond the lIne of houses a metro trundles
a thrush dimly lands on the verGe
         distant lights of seetHing traffic
                         words Through an open window
                            blaCkbird wren and great tit
  as if by some common consent A quieting falls
                   the late choRus of the woodpigeons
                 birds ghost thEir way across the grass
                              sHapes swoop
                  and drift thrOugh the gathering dawn
                    a crescent Moon rises in the south
                             wrEns zip
            below circling gullS