Wednesday 15th April

06:45 – 07:27, wind W 3 gusting 4, temp 6C (feels like 3)

Some on low incomes are having to choose whether to eat or not.

a figure of eight through the North
     a hedge sprouts green thrOugh old copper
                         a useFul mirror trapped in a skip
               camelia pink brOwned by frost
          pavement trees are tOo low
                 boxes for birDs and bats
                    blackbird Flutes as sparrows chirp
            a pond by an abandOned bowling green
                peeling door fRame uncut grass
      ferns grow from the mortAr ...
                   of a house Wall
           a pope picture in tHe back window
                          narrOw pavement …
                         on beLle vue
                   gulls circlE calling
    an alley of windows on garDens
                        the trAffic pulse on the high street
                     a friendlY wave from a jaguar