Tuesday 14th April

07:16 – 08:00, wind SW 2 gusting 3, temp 0C (feels like 0)

In the absence of the Prime Minister his deputies are judged wanting.

                           to and From the south haven
                        a frost glAzes windscreens
               two song thrushes lIsten pick and hop
                      woodpigeon fLies from a car roof
          moving in a dog-walker hIatus
              a small blue and oraNge male
a lady a black lab and a yellow baG deliver papers
        a neat allotment has a porTico
            crossing the road in lOckdown rush hour
               great tit song bounDs above the path
                     my first willOw warbler sings
                  flowers grow in Two wheelbarrows
             perhaps the thrushes Have been arriving
                         the climbEr lines the side gutter
                                  Jaded garage doors
                         an overgrOwn alleyway
                        the green Boxes hum