Monday 13th April

07:42 – 08:24, wind NW 2 gusting 3, temp 4C (feels like 2)

The impact of the pandemic is not evenly distributed across society. 

off toward the north-west penInsula
              cherry trees piNk-dusted with blossom
                           frEsh but no frost
 from the aerial a starling sQueaks then wheezes like a greenfinch
                   clearing oUt the old hospital site
    infill building in lost gArdens
                    the trickLe of traffic
          song thrush and robIn sing
             snake’s head friTillaries droop in a front garden
          an old fence post lYing ... 
                       in a sKip
a deserted house has an upstaIrs window open
a garden stream’s sisyphean fLow
              a mews cottage Lost in a hidden yard
         a skipped door must Surely be useful