Sunday 12th April

07:54 – 08:39, wind NW 1 gusting 2, temp 11C (feels like 11)

The government continues to be slow in organising access to tests and PPE for health workers.

             to the souThern grasslands again
    a first swallow fliEs through head high
    through a gate and Stoop a fence
                       Tussocked grass
a skylark lifts then flIckers upwards
          cattle crowd Near the gate
        the skylark hanGs and sings and sings
                cows stAre as we walk by
  head for the copse igNoring the paths
                yellow Dung flies sit on the cowpats
 a lark lands and disapPears
        from nowhere a Path to who knows where
         mechanical silEnce if only for a few seconds
               ‘till a Drum ’n’ base car thumps by
                     woOden gate
                  the cIty badge on the wall
         three castles Triple towered argent