Tuesday 28th April

06:25 – 07:12, wind NW 1 gusting 2, temp 1C (feels like 1)

The clash of models – the economy versus heath – is a straw man.

                 to the nortH east clockwise
a dairyman consults his phonE
     don twarr is signed in A window
            candles of laureL scent the road
      headstones blurred by Time
               wind and weatHer   
    slow warmth in the sunshIne
          collared dove callS at the back of the cemetery
a dawn frost carpets to the Wall
                        stonEs stand in lost corners
                   a chiffchAff sings
                        the Long and winding road
                       a dusTbin is papered with flowers
  the bassett hound and lurcHer palatinate