Thursday 9th April

05:22 – 06:06, wind NE 2 gusting 4, temp 6C (feels like 4)

Patterns of behaviour and infection are discussed in the press.

                          baCk to the east wood
       north through the hilLs
     a walk in the dawn chorUs
     nautical twilight driftS through civil dawn
                            Two 5 AM runners
                       the mEtro’s rumble carries
roof-line silhouette blackbiRds sing
      no parking access requIred at all times thank you
        burglar alarms rockiNg blue lights
                       throuGh the site of the old factory
          pigeons start to sIng
            the shops palletS are loaded onto the lorry
                  along the Back alley
         the chorus falls awAy as dawn arrives
                        jackDaws chack to one another