Friday 10th April

07:48 – 08:34, wind S 2 gusting 3, temp 8C (feels like 7)

Under lockdown conditions the UK peak of the epidemic is predicted to be two weeks off.

                 to the norTh west
                           Where sarah had her cello lessons,
               a skip full Of useful wood
            behind the low Wall a stellate magnolia
               dad’s porschE by mum’s range rover
             across the greEn and along the alley
      tea-cher tea-cher rocKing tea-cher
                socially diStanced queue at charlotte’s butchery
            a back alley ouT of a memory of kiddar’s luck
            a cemetery of nO paths
             graves sunken And grown through by elder
 commonwealth war graves; “Poor bloody infantry”
                   the convEnt’s group plot
   a song snatch is almost A willow warbler
                   by a bacK gate a concrete mixer’s slow churn