Wednesday 8th April

11:24 – 12:10, wind WSW 3 gusting 5, temp 16C (feels like 15)

A vetinary scientist in the Faroes repurposed his laboratory to test for Covid-19 in advance of a significant number of cases, allowing a comprehensive trace and test policy.

                       laurel Blossom scent pervades Nanny’s Corner
         heading to the cemeteRy and the orchard
           south along the greAt north road                                                walkers Voices - my hat
  the continuity of traffics rOar
           walk around the dafFodil drifts
       clockwise around the grAves
             a hidden corner oRchard
                   standing crOsses laid down on graves
                  a wall top nEst hole tucked below the coping stone                           archItecture speaks of values
                 stone carved Septimus gladstone ward
                 a snatch of bLackcap song
                jay-walk the mAin road
empty busses cross with the biN wagon
                       a washeD-out peacock butterfly
                         what’S with the hat?