Saturday 4th April

07:12 – 07:54, wind SSW 2 gusting 3, temp 5C (feels like 5)

The ExCeL Exhibition Centre is re-purposed as a hospital – NHS Nightingale.

                       oNe man, hood up,
               sits at tHe back of the bus
                topiary Spirals upwards
                  six piNts on the doorstep
        a paperboy trollIes his load
  a drop-leaf table lyinG across the skip
a dunnock propositions tHe world
                    a lyTch gate to the garage
             the house wIth two porsche’s
              … and a beNtley
               eighteen Geese ‘v’ north above the green
     fellow travellers wAlk the streets
       the sparrowhawk fLap
                    glidE flaps through